COURSE: Small Business Management Course (EDS 111)

FOR WHOM: Prospective Entrepreneurs, Potential Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Managers and Supervisors etc

Aim & Objective of the course: The overall objective of this course is to help micro entrepreneurs start up their business or enhance their existing business through understanding of core business skill and competence. In order o achieve this, it is important to note that participants must have a clear understanding of effective business which will help to grow the business to the next stage.

COURSE: Business Network and Mentoring {EDS 112)

FOR WHOM: Directors, Unit heads, Team leaders, Project Coordinators etc.

Aim & Objective of the course: Any successful organization wants to have advancement from one generation of managers to the next. In this case, mentoring has been recognized as a positive intervention for business development, personal and career development. Networking is therefore an essential tool to develop contacts professionally for information in business.

COURSE TITLE: Poultry Production & Marketing Course (EDS 113)

FOR WHOM: Prospective and potential Poultry Farmers

Aim & Objective: The poultry Production is designed to provide modern ways of poultry management techniques and production.

COURSE : Fishery Production (EDS 114)

FOR WHOM: Prospective and Potential Fish Farmers

Aim & Objective: The Fishery Production is designed to introduce modern fishery management techniques. Interested people will be exposed to key strategy areas in rearing, managing and marketing fish.

COURSE: Cosmetology (EDS 115)

FOR WHOM: Cosmetologist & aspiring Entrepreneurs who want to take up a career in the specialized area of Cosmetology in order to expose those who want to develop a career in the aspect of cosmetology, it is important to provide them with the key aspect of the area.

Aim & Objective: The aim of Continuing Entrepreneurship Professional Education is for Professional seeking advancement and up-to-date certification in Entrepreneurship; people exploring new businesses, careers and occupations; new skills or proficiency in any area of entrepreneurship to cover Business Management, Finance and Accounts, Marketing and Sales Management, Human Resources Management, Production Planning and Procurements, Superior services Delivery, Business Expansion and Growth etc. recent materials and exits in cutting age business model will be shared to participants.

COURSE: Creating, Making & Wining Professional Presentations (EDS 121)

FOR WHOM: Creative Individuals and Interested persons, SMEs and Small Business owners who want to make a mark in cutting age presentations. Students and others alike that want presentations of their ideas to be world class wining customers all the way and possess the know-how to deliver dynamic, compelling, and truly effective presentations time and again.

Aim & Objective: Even the most experience professionals can lack effective presentation skills, they may fail to prepare very well or may develop fear and fidget in front of people, have poorly organized thoughts, and lack the confidence to engage and persuade an inattentive audience. This course will help participants discover how to craft presentations around essential objectives, present key concepts and ideas with power and enthusiasm, designed and present effective visuals, and employ techniques for polishing and mastering presentation delivery. Executives, managers and staff alike will boots presentation performance with this wining presentation skills training course, enabling them to motivate teams, win business, and improve results.

COURSE: Ways to Win-win Negotiations in Business (EDS 122)

FOR WHOM: Interested persons, SMEs and Small Business owners willing to learn the art science of negotiation in business, Upcoming Entrepreneurs and those who want to negotiate in a win-win situation keeping the customers and the business going and glowing

Aim & Objective: This negotiation course will: Help People determine how a negotiation will most likely conclude before it even starts. Outline a proven process for negotiation terms, quality, and other issues that are often the focus of the bargaining process. Suggest a methodology for positioning information in different ways depending on the style of the negotiators. Provide tactics for responding to common negotiation roadblocks: standstills, deadlocks, stalls and other problems. Offer answers to tricks, traps, and further attempts to manipulate an agreement. The negotiation training programme will further help participants to learn to determine if they will win or lose before a negation even start, to sport dirty tricks from a mile away, to take the essential steps of a skilled negotiator, and move. Through multiple case studies, hands on activities, and videotaping, participants will practice skills learned throughout this interactive, fast-paced negotiation course.

COURSE TITLE: Financial Planning & Management for Businesses (EDS 123)

FOR WHOM: SMEs and Small Business owners willing to learn the tricks in financial Planning & Management in the digital age for their businesses, Upcoming entrepreneurs and those encountering challenges in their financial planning and management.

Aim & Objective: This course provides financial planning and management to entrepreneurs in the modern finances. The training will build the capacity of participants to plan and control financial resources (income & expenditure, budgeting, Cash flow projections and growth plan) empower participants in the use of ICTs in financial planning and management, including internet applications; efficiency, accountability and trust; and elaboration of financial plans for their financial resourcing.

COURSE: Financing & funding Businesses (EDS 124)

FOR WHOM: Small Business owners who are looking for financial support and funding for their businesses.

Aim & Objective: This course aims at training participants and promises to help small business owners and entrepreneurs on ways to attract funding. The course will provide tips on business plan development, overcoming financial issues, loan opportunities and helping participants in funding for their business. The course address the most common entrepreneur question: of how do I get funds to finance businesses. Participants will discover traditional and non-traditional sources of funds available in the market place.

COURSE: Emotional Intelligence &Entrepreneurship Thought (EDS 125)

FOR WHOM: Individual and corporate organizations, interested persons, SME and Small Business owners who want to change or improve on their emotions for effectiveness and better result in business. Businesses fail due to a lack of emotional intelligence and proper entrepreneurship thought.

Aim & Objective: This course aims at training participants on the art of managing their emotions as entrepreneurs with an intelligent thought. The aim is to help participants with the different aspect of human intelligent and the elements of emotional intelligence and how they are directly related to their entrepreneurial skills in business.

COURSE: Leather Works (Shoes, Wallet, Belt & Bags Making) - EDS 131

FOR WHOM: Professionals, Unemployed, Students and creative individuals (Males & Females) that are Entrepreneurship Inclined who are Interested in Leather Works

Aim & Objective: This is to provide participants with a sound knowledge as to the art and science of Leather Works (Shoes, Wallet, Belt & Bags Making); equip them with the marketing aspect; ensure that participants network with others.

COURSE : Small Import- Export Business - EDS 132

FOR WHOM: Passionate individuals (Male & Females) that are entrepreneurship inclined with an interest import-export Business. Producers of cash crops and other products etc

Aim & Objective: Import and Export business is big business companies as well as individuals rake in millions of dollars from transactions in this type of business. Everything from beverages to commodities and a host of other products are just some of the products that are quite profitable for someone engaged in international business.

The Objective include: provide participants with the necessary tools in establishing Import and Export business; an understanding of moving trends in the current world of business and how to take advantage of them; equip participants on how to carry out the Import Export business in order to maximize to profit; ensure that participants avoid the various pitfalls that are prevalent in international business.

COURSE: Make UP – EDS 133

FOR WHOM: Potential Make-up Artistes and Passionate individuals (Male & Females) that are entrepreneurship inclined with an interest in the Art of Facial Make-up

Aim & Objective: The course is expected to ensure that participants are able to create and satisfy with the desired look for a client, and able to use the desired colours and make up products that will enhance a client’s facial looks. This can be achieved with the aid of facial make up products. The aim is to: help participants have a wide exposure to the different types of make-up product brands, categorization, their uses/functions and how they can be applied; to be able tom identify the facial structure of a client; identify the indigenous skin type and the products that are made for such skin types.

COURSE: Catering Services and Baking –EDS 134

FOR WHOM: Those who are passionate about food business and feel they have what it takes to start and run a catering business, Professionals or emerging professionals in Catering, Baking, Menu Making as well as Passionate individuals (Males & Females).

Aim & Objective: This course aims at addressing the critical aspects of management involved in running a catering business like how to get the appropriate licenses and permits, what kind of kitchen you need, basic food safety practices, party planning, cooking for a crowd, planning meals, dealing with customers, understanding how to price your services, and moving the food safety from one location to another. This course helps in understanding critical steps involved in starting a good catering business

COURSE TITLE: Fashion Design – EDS 135

FOR WHOM: Professionals or emerging professionals with interest in Fashion Design as well as Passionate individuals (Male & Female) that are entrepreneurship inclined with an interest in the art and science of Fashion Design and Clothier.

Aim & Objective: This basic intensive course provides participants with a foundation in both the construction and graphic skills and strategies necessary to begin a career in fashion design. The course is intended for those who wish to engage in all the elements of the design process, from sketch to finish work. The course covers basic skills and common problems in apparel design. The course addresses issues of designing a collection as well as audience and marketing considerations for the in-class antique and keeps a standard fashion sources book throughout the course.

COURSE: The Art & Science of Publishing – EDS 136

FOR WHOM: Authors and emerging authors. Also for persons interested in publishing as a business, as well as academic, administrators, students, and broad minded persons that want to put their thoughts of other people’s thoughts on print. And:

  • Aspiring authors who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  • People who have started a book but have stalled, or think they may need to start all over.
  • Published authors who have written a book but are not happy with the way it turned out, and want to write their next book better and faster.
  • Persons involved in writing books or any form of material publication will find this course not only useful but eventful. Get Published NOW!

Aim & Objective: This aim of this course is to expose the participants with the art and science of publishing as a business. It is also to rekindle the culture of publishing in our communities and revive the reading culture. It will assist participants publish other people’s documents or books and get rewarded for their efforts.


FOR WHOM: Those that crave for design on cloths and those love combining colours and artistic images on cloths and those that want to turn creativity in textile into money.

Aim & Objective: To explore the art of fabric dyeing in both tie-dye and batik, knowing how to make Imaginative pattern and designs from nature, graphics, abstracts e.t.c. Having a full understanding of colours, colour combinations and the different types of dyes, fabrics and chemical combinations.

COURSE : Home Brand Techniques - EDS 138

FOR WHOM: Those that want to be innovative, not relaying on imported product but want to produce indigenous product, house items and make a business out of it

Aim & Objective: To educate participant on how to make house hold products like Soap, Air freshener, Izal, Cleaning agent, Bleach, Perfume, Hair Shampoo, Vaseline etc. and knowing chemical composition, method of preparation and marketing strategies

COURSE: Tourism & Hospitality Management – EDS 139

FOR WHOM: Interested persons, Potential and existing SMEs and small Business owners willing to learn more about Entrepreneurship aspect of Tourism and Hospitality management that is now a global hit.

Aim & Objective: This course aims at training participants on the art of tourism and hospitality management. The course will prepare participants to enter or distinguish themselves in the world’s largest and most diverse industry. Tourism is the business of attracting and catering to the needs and expectations of visitors. It focuses on the marketing and management of tourist facilities and destinations, the delivery of hospitality services in food and lodging; and the management of events from conferences to festivals to social and corporate events; all with a common ground of sustainability due to its global significance, tourism often involves practices in the international and global arena. The programme therefore is aimed at encouraging participant’s tom explore multicultural learning experiences.