• The Centre provides skills acquisition Program to the undergraduate students
  • The Centre has collaboration with UKAID, (Mafita) for the establishment and operation of MSC support in Katsina State. This seeks to shift the status of the marginalized youth to a more economically empowered place through greater access to Entrepreneurship skills.
  • The Centre has collaboration with RH equipt on Job creation through the Agricultural Entrepreneurship.
  • The Centre has joint collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources on Job creation and Ministry of Commerce and Industry etc.
  • The Centre  has facilitated a dialogue between the Government and the private sectors on the development of MSMEs in Katsina State
  • The Centre has had a number of trainings on access to Finance and how to manage business growth.
  • The Centre also trains Students on how to write and develop a sustainable business plan.
  • The Centre has also been engaged in training of entrepreneurially minded students who can add value to the national and local economy.